High performance resin products, developed by scientists.

At Resient, we recognise the pain points of standard resin systems. Our products have been developed specifically to alleviate these problems, providingclass leading performance without the headaches.


Europe’s 1st Antimicrobial Floor Polish that combats harmful microbes like E.coli, MRSA and Salmonella for the lifetime of the polish.

In addition to the unique antimicrobial properties, Resient has formulated the polish to be low in VOCs and completely eliminated the need for additives that lead to the release of chemicals such as formaldehyde. Resient’s product is also free of alkylphenol ethoxylates, commonly found in floor polishes, which degrade to form phenols, responsible for hormone disruption in both human and aquatic life.

Alongside the Antimicrobial Floor Polish, Resient has developed a cleaner/maintainer which is free of phosphates and harmful actives, continuing the company’s drive to provide safer products without compromising on performance. 



RESIENT Pondsafe paint has been specifically formulated to protect both your pond and its occupants. Our unique fish safe, functional and decorative properties coupled with ease of application make Pondsafe the perfect product for your pond.


RESIENT Solvent Free Epoxy is a 100% solids 2K solvent free high build floor coating for application on to concrete, polymer modified and epoxy screed floors.

The 2-pack epoxy system has a typical coverage of 6-8 square metres per litre, dependent on the porosity of the underlying substrate.

Experience & Integrity

Our aim is to deliver class leading performance through the development and rigorous testing of innovative formulations. 

The Resient team has extensive experience in the development of resin and polymer systems for a broad range of applications. Our ethos is to deliver the products our customers’ need, rather than the products that are easiest and cheapest for us to make. The raw materials we use are selected based on properties, not cost, and we never compromise on quality.

Innovation & Testing

As an R&D lead company, we’re not content to stick with the status quo… our products are good, but there is always the opportunity to improve.

For this reason, we have invested heavily in innovative developments and the laboratory equipment necessary to test our products, and those of our competitors, to failure. 

Without understanding the point at which a product begins to lose its key attributes, such as gloss levels, moisture resisitance, or UV stability, how can  improve?