Experience... where it counts

Resient Labs Ltd is a company that believes in investing – not just in the latest manufacturing or test equipment but in people.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” Andrew Carnegie

We truly believe this and that’s why we’ve brought together experienced individuals in their chosen fields from multiple disciplines to deliver the solutions you need when you need them. In a friendly, nurturing and approachable environment, employees have the freedom to work on their projects individually and also encouraged to comfortably communicate their ideas in a group as equals. The results are amazing and highly valued – not just for the happiness and well being of our employees but also for our vision of Resient and our ultimate goal to show you what we can do.

Innovation at our core.

We can think outside the box. Resient are not just about our dependable mainstream products, we are much much more. The team environment we’ve created ensures we are continuously improving, innovating and pushing the boundaries.

How many times has a technical expert told you “it can’t be done…” or “…that’s not what the product is designed to do…” Here at Resient we already know that we need to listen. If you have an idea or you need something special then we would love to take the journey with you.

Confidentiality, integrity, ethics.

Big words to live up to in today’s world. Our approach to work, our belief in the health and happiness of our team will go some way to demonstrate that Resient is a company you can work with and trust. Don’t be afraid, however, to discuss any further assurances you may need. We will engage with you.

A quality product demands quality testing.

Resient believes in producing quality products. The only way to know this is to test and we do. All our products are tested to BS, EN and ISO where possible from the time we start development right through to commissioning. We don’t stop there. All our raw materials and products are backed up by continuous quality control and sample retention. If anything were to go wrong, we find it and correct it so that you will always have a successful project.

Have you ever heard the words “…we sell tonnes of this product and never had a problem” ? We won’t do that. We understand that sometimes, and often due to unknowns, something goes wrong. You are worried and you need backup. Being told by the manufacturer in a roundabout way that

you’ve done something wrong and it can’t be them is not quite what you had in mind when you bought the product. Resient will work just as hard for you if something is going wrong as we will when everything is going right.