Specially formulated for ponds, waterfalls, pond surrounds and water garden features

Our unique fish safe, functional and decorative properties coupled with ease of application make Pondsafe the perfect product for your pond

RESIENT Pondsafe

RESIENT Pondsafe

Fish safe

Self priming

No isocyanates

No toxic metals

No styrene

RESIENT Pondsafe paint has been specifically formulated to protect both your pond and its occupants.

The 2-pack epoxy system is self-priming with a coverage of 6-8 square metres per litre, dependent on the porosity of the underlying substrate. It can be applied to concrete, render, block, brick & fibreglass/gel-coat, so it’s not only ideal for new pond builds, but also for re-coating established ponds. Importantly, Pondsafe can be applied to damp substrates, eliminating the long wait for a recently emptied pond to dry. The second coat can typically be applied within eight hours and the pond will be ready for re-filling within three or four days.

We understand that many fish, particularly koi, are vulnerable to changes in water condition. Pondsafe has been formulated to ensure there are no harmful chemicals to migrate into the pond water. It is free of isocyanates, toxic metals and styrene.

Maintaining a pond can be a time consuming and troublesome job. Choosing RESIENT Pondsafe will alleviate some of the stress, for you and your fish.