Pond construction… pros & cons of EPDM or Butyl liners vs fibreglass


There are advantages and disadvantages for most pond finishing options. In essence, pond paints are significantly less expensive than fibreglass and roughly comparable with a basic EPDM or butyl rubber liner.  However, a basic liner can be very tricky to install correctly without creases and folds, which are prone to harbouring parasites. A box-weld liner is a much better option, but that comes at significant additional cost and is only really suited to regular, straight sided ponds. Paints, and indeed fibreglass, are much more versatile. It’s also important to note that all paints are not equal. At RESIENT, products are not formulated based on cost, but on performance. We are confident that, if paint is the best option for your pond, then RESIENT Pondsafe is the best paint you could use.

DIY guide to epoxy paints

Applying epoxy paints yourself shouldn’t be a daunting task and it isn’t if you do your research and follow the instructions set down by the manufacturer. But not everything can

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